What I'm focusing on this year
Jan 3, 2017 TWEET LINK

This is a quick look at the past and present to assess what I need to do and what needs to improve in my life and as a developer.

2016 was a good year

First off as a developer 2016 was a good year for me. I got to work on and contribute to some awesome open source projects.

It was my first full year since I became a fulltime developer. You can imagine how exciting that was for me. I managed to get to work with some awesome clients on exciting projects. I hope these projects become successful because its a great feeling to see something you worked on/created being used by many people.

I also got interviewed on my first podcast. If you have time please listen to it Apprenticeship in Real Life with Taras Mankovski and Lennex Zinyando

I certainly missed on some goals

  1. I failed to read as much as I wanted to
  2. I didn’t get to workout as often as I plan to
  3. I didn’t get to learn any new skill or hobby outside of programming

These misses will definitely be given another chance this year. Lets take a look at the main goals for the next year.

Plans for the year ahead

My goals for 2017 remain largely the same as those from last year since I didn’t achieve most of them.

  1. become a better developer
  2. contribute more to open source projects
  3. gain some weight, workout and jog consistently
  4. read at least one book a month
  5. learn a new skill thats outside of programming and software development

Some goals are too personal to share but yes they are there. I hope I won’t start slacking on my goals early in the year so when you see me wish me luck and give me some encouragement.

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A List of Ember.js Resources
Dec 20, 2016 TWEET LINK

I have seen many tweets from new Ember.js users about where they can find the best resources for learning Ember. I have compiled a list of Ember.js specific resources below. I hope many people will find this useful. If I have missed any please create a PR and send to the github repo.







Welcome to my blog
Dec 20, 2016 TWEET LINK

Welcome to my new blog. I will be sharing my thoughts and adventures as I grow as a developer and person.

I hope you enjoy!


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